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There apparently was an iron fist, which insisted on crushing Ghirahim’s heart. Slowly. With relish. It hurt – physically. He felt like curling up on the ground and screaming his throat raw.
He had been so sure…
So convinced…
He had seen his lover in those steely, blue, eyes, while they clashed swords…He had felt his Sky Child’s soul, reaching for him, calling out to him, while battling this boy, to the death…
This new Link, who only held contempt for him, and repulsion. Who had destroyed every last ounce of his (enormous) self-esteem, who had thrown his devoted love back at him, like something vile, unwanted.
He stumbled his way towards a destination unbeknownst even to himself, over dry, hardened grass, blinded by tears he was refusing to let fall. Nights in Hyrule Fields were always cold, and unforgiving.
You are nothing but an abomination, a monster, a perversion of nature. You disgust me.
The words echoed in his ears, again and again, mocking him, driving him to his knees. He pounded the ground in fury and hurt, until his fists were bleeding.
This Link was not his Link. He was but a poor imitation of the one he had once adored. Sky Child’s soul may have lived on, there was too much of his reincarnation’s own personality drowning it, though.
Dark blue, the colour of a peaceful ocean he would willingly drown in…
Such beautiful eyes…
They had ceased to exist, just like their owner.
Instead of giving in to the urge to cry, and mourn, Ghirahim lifted his face towards the starry black sky, and laughed hysterically; the universe really had it in for him.
His laughter ebbed into dark chuckles, then breathless pants; his Sky Child was now just an insignificant… Scarf Child. Ghirahim apparently was pathetic enough to still desire him, though. But also prideful enough to not force himself onto an unwilling participant.
He just wanted to be far, far away from him…
His insanity was now conspicuous, eating away at his very core.
Which was probably the reason why he didn’t stick to one of the most important rules no magic wielder would ever break:
Never drink and teleport.
The gorgeous colours were luring him closer, a beacon of light in the darkness of his heart and mind – and literally illuminating the pitch-black night.
Ghirahim had not the foggiest idea as to where he had ended up. He had cautiously opened one eye, then another, had groaned at the pain in every limb he apparently still possessed, and decided that he was not in pieces. Also, not dead.
He had yet to consider the question whether he was luckily, or unfortunately, not dead.
Ghirahim tried to stand, but to no avail; his energy, let alone his magical reserves, had been completely depleted. So he settled for crawling towards the pretty lights. If he was hallucinating, then so be it. The icy, dry grass under his palms, and knees, felt very real though; hard, and cutting. So he was in Hyrule Fields still. Oh joy.
He was panting by the time he reached the source of the light. Which turned out to be… an oasis, full of glowing, giant flowers, reflecting in a clear pond, fed by a shimmering waterfall. Numerous exotic insects flitted to and fro, providing generous light.
The temperature was significantly warmer here; a blessing for Ghirahim’s freezing, trembling body.
The entire scenery was stunning; Ghirahim stared, and stared. He grasped the nearest boulder, and managed to pull himself into a standing position. He actually remembered this place; it had been but a cluster of cliffs, and rocks, as Ganondorf’s army had marched past it.
He crept closer, limping, concealing himself behind blooming vegetation; it could still be a trap after all. The magnificent site practically hummed with powerful magic. Whoever created it was probably still here… Ghirahim closed his eyes, letting his other senses reach out, feeling another being’s signature – it felt… not malevolent, and as pleasing as this place… and strangely familiar. He couldn’t put a finger on it, though.
The oasis’ single occupant came into view. The person was apparently bathing in the pond, their back turned to him. They hadn’t sensed him yet. Good.
They rose from the water, which was now only reaching up to their knees. A pale, slender hand pulled a metal pin from straight, glossy, vibrantly red hair. It fell in cascades upon their back, down to their hips. Ghirahim was, once more, reduced to staring.
The body, the movements seemed so graceful, the skin nearly translucent. A woman, assumed Ghirahim. He appraised the slim waist and hips, the aesthetical v-shape of the back… no, a man. Just as nice to look at, Ghirahim pondered.
The person turned, and Ghirahim was treated to the sight of a sharp profile, with a prominent, straight nose, high cheekbones, and pale, petal-soft looking lips. Gorgeous, thought Ghirahim, elated, forgetting about his own misery for a fleeting moment. His glance dropped lower – it seemed this sheer perfection was not being discontinued further down. Oh, really gorgeous.
Eyes the colour of dark blood widened upon catching sight of him.
Ghirahim returned the glance, somewhat embarrassed at having been caught while breaching someone’s privacy, and as a voyeur on top of it. He opened his mouth to apologise (which was a very rare occurrence for him).
“Ghirahim?” asked the man softly, taking a tentative step towards him.
Ghirahim’s mouth stayed wide-open, as he realised whom he had been longingly staring at, admiring such ethereal beauty.
Eccentric, lunatic Yuga.
Ghirahim’s annoying admirer, and stalker.
To be continued…
Vomiting rainbows by Loki-Liesmith
Vomiting rainbows
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