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My life is currently busy and utterly unpleasant, so I'm going on hiatus for a short while. But I haven't forgotten about the comments/replies/beta/drawings I still owe some of you lovelies c: Until then, stay fabulous!
What do you mean, the title isn't that creative? It lured you here, didn't it? c:

Tagged by TheTrippyTippy (Youuu! ...Then again, now I have a valid reason to procrastinate writing the next Yugahim chapter once more xD)
The 13 Rules
1. You have to post these rules. ('k.)
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them. (Oh.)
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. (Oh!)
4. Choose 13 people. (No.)
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged. (I wouldn't have to if the dA mentions feature wouldn't have ceased working -.-)
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that" (<_< that would be a rather impolite thing to do, don't you think so, dear original tag… thingie… creator?)
7. You have to legitimately tag 13 people. (Again, no.)
8. You can't say that you don't do tags. (Speaking about being impolite…)
9. Tag-backs are ALLOWED. (Dear taggees, tag me back again, and die a painful death.)
11. You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, RP, etc. (Pff. Oh please, I'm Loki, the only things I do on demand are: Have sex with attractive persons, or kill in creative ways. Always glad to be of service.)
12. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things. (The only one of these "rules" I actually like; seriously now, who ever wrote this meme?)
13. Cussing is ALLOWED. (*arrogant glance down her nose* As if I'd need a fucking little brat's fucking permission to fucking curse to my fucking heart's content.)
13 facts about me:
1. I speak quite a few languages fluently. And then I go and mix them up an/or I remember the word I'm searching for… not in the currently used language :/
2. I'm a minimalist. Seriously, I'm allergic to stuff and clutter, it makes me even more scatterbrained than I already am.
3. I strongly dislike Mary-Sues, and self-inserts in fanfictions/fanart.
4. My favourite pairing is GhirahimxLink a.k.a GhiraLink from Legend of Zelda. However, I loathe this very same pairing, if it's taking place within "Spandexverse".
5. I love blue! (Hello Tippy lol) I adore blue, it's the colour of the sea, and of the sky, and I love every shade of it! Especially turquoise, cobalt, and royal blue. I also love yellow, and I can get away with actually wearing it oO
6. My house is a rather… rainbow-y one, every room is painted a different colour, genuine, deep colour, not half-arsed pastel.
7. I never stopped being young.
8. Harry Potter has been my main fandom for many years (then Zelda happened). Every test so far has sorted me into Gryffindor. I've written tons of HP fanfiction (not in English, though).
9. The only thing I firmly believe in is that religion of any kind is the main curse of this planet. I shall ban it, once I have achieved world domination. (I try to be a good person though, but not out of fear of punishment/hell in afterlife, or some other nonsense, but by my own choice.)
10. I'm a procrastinator, and not proud of it. Sometimes I'm so incredibly overwhelmed by my to-do-list I don't do anything anymore, but just sit there, depressed.
11. My dream is to live by the sea. Don't even care which one.
12. I might have a certain weakness for human beauty (of any kind), and intelligence, also some kinds of chocolate no one else likes. Um, and well-written/drawn smut.
13. *trying and failing to think of a really cool fact about herself* UMMM 42 eheheh ._.
Questions I got from the lovely TheTrippyTippy (What's with all these Dragonball questions? Ehhh err *dusts off DBZ knowledge frantically*)
Who's your favorite villain?
Darth Maul, Draco Malfoy, Asajj Ventress, Loki, Volga, Demise, Zant, Dark Link all of the Jem'hadar race of Deep Space 9 they're awesome, Hilda, Zuko ok the last two were redeemed waah there are so many! *seizure* Presently Ghirahim, and Yuga, I just can't decide c:
Who would win in a fight? Iron man or Freiza?
Let's see… insane warlord guy who can freeze up the joints/electronics of your suit in a blink of an eye, and who's got so many powerful transformations available, against squishy mortal guy in a tin can? Sorry Iron Man :/ (I like you far better, though. For what it's worth.)
Who is better? Vegeta or Goku?….say Vegeta say Vegeta Say Vegeta
I don't like either one that much :/ Hm, arrogant versus lame… ok Vegeta is it then xP
What is your favorite color?
Ooops… see facts about me no. 5 C:
What do you hate?
Death. Seriously, the very concept of death scares me… well, to death.
Do you have a dudefriend a namekianfriend or a chickfriend?
*raises eyebrow* I am Loki; I have slaves, not friends.
Would you have a robot as a best friend?
*stroking chin* Yes, he/it would indeed be the perfect slave friend for me.
Do you believe in Namekian rights?
Well, slugs are people too, I guess? *ducks behind desk to protect self from thrown projectiles, consisting of mainly rotten vegetables, and sharp things* Owww…
Why do you hate me?!
Again, I am Loki. I hate everyone. Don’t take it personally, sweetie <3
Do you watch YouTube Poops? If so, who's your favorite YTPer?
Yes, I watch the stuff sometimes because I'm so mature - shut up, voice in my head, I never liked you anyway, I only like the "Gerudo Valley - dubstep version" humming one! There are some great Zelda, Spongebob, and Star Wars ones, but I'm too lazy to look them up ._.
What would you do-oo-ooo for a Klondike bar?
We don't have those here, unfortunately :/ (but I guess I'd do rather embarrassing and/or immoral things for sweets, so…)
Are you a ma'am, a sir, or a namekian?
I am your worst nightmare <3
Aaaaand our final question is… Who is…. The worst superhero?
Only one? I have so many! Spiderman, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor - brother dear used to be cool, before deciding to go into that superhero business - would all of you now please stop throwing potentially deadly projectiles at me? Thank you. If I really have to choose… Hancock. He (respectively the film) wanted to convey the lame antihero, and the lame antihero he became. Meh.
Questions for the unlucky ones I decided to tag I'M SORRY c:
1. Who is your favourite Zelda character, and why?
2. Are you a really tough gal/guy? As in, are you able to endure an entire night of kitschy romantic comedy without crying, screaming, twitching on the floor, and begging for mercy?
3. What would you do if you fell in love… with someone of your non-preferred gender? (Ah well, skip this question, if you're bi, like yours truly, or simply don't feel like answering it).
4. Your feelings about GhiraLink? How did you come to like/dislike this pairing?
5. Your feelings about Yugahim? (YugaxGhirahim)
6. Your feelings after having written that in-depth, constructive, elaborated comment full of supportiveness, and getting ignored?
7. Some of us might know TheTrippyTippy's comics about Yuga's unrequited love for Ghirahim (go read them, they're hilarious). What should Yuga do - without relying on sorcery - to actually make Ghirahim reciprocate his feelings?
8. What is your opinion about (stereotypical) gender roles in yaoi stories/fanart - as in, shy, delicate uke, and dominant, tall seme?
9. Can you type blindly?
10. Would you rather eat Ravioli, or ship RavioLi?
11. Are you quick on the comeback - in your offline life?
12. Is your online persona different from the real you?
13. Who is your favourite artist, or author here on dA, the one you would wholeheartedly recommend? (Not necessarily a friend, or someone you know/interact with)
Taggees (may the Gods have mercy on your soul mwahaha! Ok, ok, only if you feel like doing it!):
TheTrippyTippy (heheh)
RavioLi (+ short story) by Loki-Liesmith
RavioLi (+ short story)
They had these at our local store, and I guess I just couldn't resist...? c:

Exactly what it says on the tin (German): "I'm sharing my RavioLi with [insert awesome person you'd like to seduce here :innocent:]"


... Link barged into his house-turned-shop, battered, and panting.

"Did you seriously send that bird of yours to take my equipment yet again?"

Ravio was calmly arranging some weird, colourful metal cans on the counter.

"It's my equipment, strictly speaking, which you can rent back any time. Also, you were just lying there, lazing about, so-"

"Lazing ab-? I was hurt, idiot!"

The other boy placed one of the cans in front of him.

"Then have something to restore your strength. Dinner is served, Mr. Hero!"

Link shook the strange object. Something was sloshing inside.

"This is actually edible?"

"Well, the content probably is. I wouldn't know, there's only... hieroglyphs written on here. Who knows where it comes from... it just sort of fell through the dimension rift in front of your house."

Link gripped his sword resolutely, holding it above his head, and moving to pierce the lid of the can.

"Ah, ah, Mr. Hero. That comes to 50 rupees. It is also possible to rent it for 20."

Link stared, then he let out a startled little laugh.

"... are you sure renting food is... uh, wise?"

He could see Ravio blushing under his hood in embarrassment.

"Um... force of habit, I guess..."

Link smiled.

"How about you rent me a kiss? I'll make sure to give it back to you in good condition."


Loki-Liesmith's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
We are a 3-generations-account c:

- Stella: My 11 years old daughter, aspiring Mangaka, stubbornly working on honing her skills, very passionate about drawing, lil' Zelda freak. I will be hosting her works, seeing as she's still too young to be allowed an own account on here.

- Gabriele: My mother, and the real artist out of all of us: She creates things of beauty - objectively speaking - out of oils and glass. Her style is absolutely unique, but see for yourself c:

- Loki: That would be me, psycho and dork on duty, the owner of the eyes staring at you from the icon above, also the "voice" of this account. I work with rather varied materials, but most of the time, I'm a writer, and express myself by means of words, instead of brush strokes (please see below for the link to my fanfiction accounts).

Both my daughter, and my mother, don't speak English (very well, or at all, respectively), so it's still going to be lil' ol' me, aka Loki, taking care of this account, and talking to you on here <3

Enjoy our works!

German fanfictions; GhiraLink 'n other stuff

My ao3 (English)

Chibi Link by chickenoverlordTriforce 2 by iceannet

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