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RavioLi (+ drabble) by Loki-Liesmith
RavioLi (+ drabble)
I guess I just couldn't resist...? c:

Exactly what it says on the tin (German): "I'm sharing my RavioLi with [insert awesome person you'd like to seduce here :innocent:]"


... Link barged into his house-turned-shop, battered, and panting.

"Did you seriously send that bird of yours to take my equipment yet again?"

Ravio was calmly arranging some weird, colourful metal cans on the counter.

"It's my equipment, strictly speaking, which you can rent back any time. Also, you were just lying there, lazing about, so-"

"Lazing ab-? I was hurt, idiot!"

The other boy placed one of the cans in front of him.

"Then have something to restore your strength. Dinner is served, Mr. Hero!"

Link shook the strange object. Something was sloshing inside.

"This is actually edible?"

"Well, the content probably is. I wouldn't know, there's only... hieroglyphs written on here. Who knows where it comes from... it just sort of fell through the dimension rift in front of your house."

Link gripped his sword resolutely, holding it above his head, and moving to pierce the lid of the can.

"Ah, ah, Mr. Hero. That comes to 50 rupees. It is also possible to rent it for 20."

Link stared, then he let out a startled little laugh.

"... are you sure renting food is... uh, wise?"

He could see Ravio blushing under his hood in embarrassment.

"Um... force of habit, I guess..."

Link smiled.

"How about you rent me a kiss? I'll make sure to give it back to you in good condition."
Modern Link by Loki-Liesmith
Modern Link
More Zelda stuff from my daughter Stella (still 11 years old, hence not allowed an own account on dA). Modern days Link; of course he'd wear a beanie. Link without a hat? Not possible c: It's for a GhiraLink story she's intending to write. Intending *cough in case you're wondering whether my own laziness has been genetically transmitted um yes it was yes I intend to continue my YugaxGhirahim story soon cough*

I think she's making progresses, when compared to her older drawings.

As always drawn from scratch, no tracing, no bases, not even references.


Loki-Liesmith's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
We are a 3-generations-account c:

- Stella: My 11 years old daughter, aspiring Mangaka, stubbornly working on honing her skills, very passionate about drawing, lil' Zelda freak. I will be hosting her works, seeing as she's still too young to be allowed an own account on here.

- Gabriele: My mother, and the real artist out of all of us: She creates things of beauty - objectively speaking - out of oils and glass. Her style is absolutely unique, but see for yourself c:

- Loki: That would be me, psycho and dork on duty, the owner of the eyes staring at you from the icon above, also the "voice" of this account. I work with rather varied materials, but most of the time, I'm a writer, and express myself by means of words, instead of brush strokes (please see below for the link to my fanfiction accounts).

Both my daughter, and my mother, don't speak English (very well, or at all, respectively), so it's still going to be lil' ol' me, aka Loki, taking care of this account, and talking to you on here <3

Enjoy our works!

German fanfictions; GhiraLink 'n other stuff

My ao3 (English)

Chibi Link by chickenoverlordTriforce 2 by iceannet

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